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Gateway to Within - photo by Bob Fergeson

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Gateway to Within   

" I see only what you see, but I notice what I see." - Ramana Maharshi

" I only see what you see, but I have trained myself, Doctor Watson, to notice what I see." - Sherlock Holmes

The above quotations point to something valuable, to what we might call a second attention.  There are three parties involved, rather than the usual two.  There is the looker, or the person, and what is seen: the world, or outer environment. Together they make up our reactive pattern, the duality of the mind. The one referred to who 'notices' is something different.  This noticing, or second Looker, sees the entire game, or mind realm, but is not affected by it. It has no active interest in the game, being passive, but notices the game entire. It is active only in its attention, not in its reaction. This Listening Attention sees both ways at once; outwardly towards the mind, and inwardly towards the Unknown. It forms a bridge, or gate, between the outer and Inner man. The angst that many feel, the undefined suffering of the average man, is due to this loss of connection with his Inner Self.  How can we re-connect, open the Gateway to Within, and once more gain the Peace and Understanding of our Inner Self?  First , we may need to remove any obstacles and mis-conceptions which block us and keep us from being able to listen to the voice within.  Many Tricks and Traps can stop us,  and we may doubt if it's a worthwhile endeavor,  this stalking ourselves.  We must connect with those who have been within and can point the way, and establish links to our fellow seekers and their experience.

copyright 2006 by Robert Fergeson