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The TAT Foundation: TAT is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization established in 1973 to provide a forum for philosophical and spiritual inquiry. TAT was founded on the belief that your investigation of life's mysteries is expedited by working with others who are exploring, perhaps down a different road, so that you may share your discoveries, exchange ideas, and "compare notes" in order to come to a better understanding of yourself and others.
The Mystic Missal was formed to distribute and preserve practical esoteric knowledge which can help lead the serious seeker to a change of being. The Missal Newsletter features a monthly review highlighting  a different system, teacher, or path, plus new articles, quotes and links.
NostalgiaWest: a photo site, was formed to try to convey the timeless feeling of essence through photographs.
Spiritual Teachers Guide: This site is a timesaving guide to one aspect of the spiritual quest: the search for a teacher.  Concise reviews of teachers ranked by a seekers personal experience and years of research.  An excellent web-site for sorting through the many teachers and their systems. Looking for something a bit different? Try a movie... go to The Spiritual Teachers Guide and the great web page on spiritual films at    
The Self-Discovery Multi-Site Portal : What's behind the sense of 'I am'? Who's living, and who's facing death? Who or what am I, essentially? Will some part of me continue on after death? Is there an unchanging, eternal part of me? Am I a part of some unchanging, eternal essence? For some searchers, working by themselves is the preferred method. Others intuit that finding a few fellow seekers to work with may expedite their progress. Still more fortunate may be those who find a living person who has made the journey and can provide assistance from the perspective of that realization. The Self-Discovery site is designed to offer all three modes of help.
Franklin Merrel-Wolff Fellowship: " Franklin Fowler Wolff was an American philosopher, mathematician, and sage who combined an extraordinary intellect with profound mystical insight and authenticity. Those who knew Dr. Wolff were blessed by his openness to share both his wisdom and his deeply profound presence. The Franklin Merrell-Wolff Fellowship offers this website in an effort to extend his work and to act as a meeting place for those around the world who recognize the value of his teachings." committed to spiritual seekers who are earnestly looking for deeper meaning in life. Here, you will find rare reading material for seekers who are serious about discovering something meaningful something about their Self. We offer no dogmas, no enchanted formulas, and no sales pitches. Read these pages with an open mind and an open heart, and you may catch a glimpse of something deeper within...
Rose Publications: Richard Rose wrote seven books over a span of thirty years. Each deals directly with a specific aspect of spiritual seeking. Richard Rose's books are made available through the publishing and distribution services of Rose Publications. Rose Publications also publishes and distributes several other titles. These are generally out-of-print works that Richard Rose thought were valuable and wanted to make available in reasonably priced reprint editions. Those who venture into the mind and thought of Richard Rose via his books will come away from the effort changed in an undeniable way.
The Headless Way: The Work of D.E. Harding. This method of self-enquiry, sometimes called 'headlessness' or 'seeing who you really are' ('seeing' for short), is a contemporary approach which investigates the question Who am I? and suggests that you can see Who you really are here and now. It provides simple but deep awareness exercises that direct you to this Seeing within yourself.  
Capacitie: "No brims nor borders such as in a bowl we see, my essence was Capacitie"  "Capacitie was the word used by Thomas Traherne to describe his essential being. Terms such as Original Nature, True Nature, First Nature, What we really are, Now, etc., are probably the more readily recognized contemporary equivalents. It is an attempt to combine the strands of enquiry and activity which I have found to most fruitful in dis-covering Capacitie. I look upon the website as another strand in the enquiry referred to above, a form of participation in what Traherne called the Fellowship of the Mystery. "- by Alan Mann, with information on Traherne, Douglas Harding, and John Wren-Lewis.